Sound Pollution is one of the biggest and most successful alternative music companies in Scandinavia.

Physical Distribution

Sound Pollution, one of the biggest and most successful alternative music companies in Scandinavia. Sound Pollution has vast experience in a wide range of areas. Under the umbrella that is Sound Pollution you’ll find Scandinavia’s biggest independent music distributor with a history of 25 years.

In-house record labels
Digital department
Promotion department
Record store
Mailorder service
Publishing company

On the music distribution side we represent both Swedish and international record labels in the Scandinavian territories. We often work with record labels that have a strong identity and crave an open minded understanding for the ways they have chosen to profile their label. With an extraordinarily competent staff we are able to squeeze the most out of the products we market and distribute.

With our in-house promotion department we offer several different promotional packages. Apart from full label promotion we also offer promotion for selected products. On the digital market we have the best imaginable knowledge and set-up and are fully aware of how important this part of the industry has become. We are always searching for new markets and our constantly up-to-date digital department is always interested in new, creative solutions to make the products we sell visible. Sound Pollution also in-house labels; Black Lodge and Wild Kingdom. Within their rosters you’ll find successful artists such as Bullet, The Hellacopters and Sabaton. The Sound Pollution store has since the beginning been one of the key stores in Sweden for its wide range of alternative music. Along with the mail-order service we reach customers all over Scandinavia. The publishing company is currently one of the fastest growing parts of the company and through our cooperation with Sony/ATV Publishing we have the experience and the knowledge it takes to make partners fully aware of our catalogue.

We also offer a export distribution service both physical and digital through our various partners in many countries.