Where bands like Rival Sons explore the heavier stuff from the 70's, old school rockers The Gloria Story have their focus on, and reinvents the more party oriented sounds of that same decade. The Gloria Story is a mashup of punk rock attitude with hard rock energy - always with an analouge feeling, a humorous twist and a dark soul. The Gloria Storys
debut album "Shades of White" instantly hit the #1 spot on Swedish rock charts upon it's release in june 2011. The band has also been awarded with a platinum disc for 20.000 sold copies of "OH NO (2010)". Constant touring in recent years include shows at Sweden Rock Festival and Skogsröjet, and opening for bands like Thin Lizzy and Gilby Clarke.

About the new album "Born to Lose" (April 2013): No outside producers or songwriters. No expensive studios. "Born to lose" is pure, hard, honest 70's garage rock. On "Born to Lose" you will find a dirtier, more bass driven and heavier sounding Gloria Story. No ballads, no fillers, no AoR. Just 12 songs with catchy punk rock melodies over chewy riffing. "Born to lose" is not a perfect album. But rock and roll was never meant to be a perfect thing in the first place, was it? This is but five guys with guitars and a crate of beer in an analogue studio - singing and playing their hearts out. The Gloria Story - like everyone else - have had their share of heartache and pain in life. "Born to Lose" is where that pain is reforged into solid, cheerful, old school rock that will kick life in the nuts without taking things to serious.

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